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Windows XP Command Line Reference

Written By Satriyo Arif on Kamis, 10 Mei 2012 | 02.25

Windows XP Command Line Reference - You would be surprised to know what you can do from command line of Windows XP Pro. WindowsXP Pro comes equipped with a powerful set of command line utilities. If you want to know what theyare and how to run them and a good decription of each of them...go no futher.. Its available right inyour computer. This is again not a tip or trick or tweak of any kind but information that is as powerfulas any of the tips/tricks.

Open START-RUN window and type C:\\WINDOWS\\Help\\ntcmds.chmAlso you may not know that .chm is the windows help file extension. I find the Windows Help to be avery good starting point to learn all the power and resources of Windows environment. I like sectionof NETSH and Windows scripting host among other things. You can read most of it in the reference, But here I am doing a cut/paste of the new command line tools.The following table lists the new Windows XP Professional command-line tools.
windows commant line
Command Feature :
bootcfg : Configures, queries, or changes Boot.ini file settings.
defrag : Locates and consolidates fragmented boot files, data files, and folders on local volumes.
diskpart : Manages disks, partitions, or volumes.
driverquery : Queries for a list of drivers and driver properties.
eventcreate : Enables an administrator to create a custom event in a specified event log.
eventquery : Lists the events and event properties from one or more event logs.
eventtriggers : Displays and configures event triggers on local or remote machines.fsutil Manages reparse points, managing sparse files, dismounting a volume, or extending a volume.
getmac : Obtains the media access control (MAC) address and list of network protocols
helpctr : Starts Help and Support Center.
ipseccmd : Configures Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) policies in the directory service, or in a localor remote registry. Ipseccmd is a command-line version of the IP Security Policies MicrosoftManagement Console (MMC) snap-in.
logman : Manages and schedules performance counter and event trace log collections on local andremote systems.
openfiles : Queries, displays, or disconnects open files.
pagefileconfig : Displays and configures the paging file Virtual Memory settings of a system.
perfmon : Enables you to open a Performance console configured with settings files from WindowsNT 4.0 version of Performance Monitor.
prncnfg : Configures or displays configuration information about a printer.
prndrvr : Adds, deletes, and lists printer drivers from local or remote print servers.
prnjobs : Pauses, resumes, cancels, and lists print jobs.
prnmngr : Adds, deletes, and lists printers or printer connections, in addition to setting and displayingthe default printer.
prnport : Creates, deletes, and lists standard TCP/IP printer ports, in addition to displaying andchanging port configuration.
prnqctl : Prints a test page, pauses or resumes a printer, and clears a printer queue.
relog : Extracts performance counters from performance counter logs into other formats, such as text-TSV (for tab-delimited text), text-CSV (for comma-delimited text), binary-BIN, or SQL.
sc : Retrieves and sets information about services. Tests and debugs service programs.
schtasks : Schedules commands and programs to run periodically or at a specific time. Adds andremoves tasks from the schedule, starts and stops tasks on demand, and displays and changesscheduled tasks.
shutdown : Shuts down or restarts a local or remote computer.
systeminfo : Queries the system for basic system configuration information.
taskkill : Ends one or more tasks or processes.
tasklist : Displays a list of applications, services, and the Process ID (PID) currently running on either a local or a remote computer.
tracerpt : Processes event trace logs or real-time data from instrumented event trace providers andallows you to generate trace analysis reports and CSV (comma-delimited) files for the eventsgenerated.
typeperf : Writes performance counter data to the command window or to a supported log file format.
WMIC : Eases the use of Windows Management Insturmentation (WMI) and systems managedthrough WMI.
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